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Outdoor Citronella Candles to Repel Mosquitoes

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Your One Stop Citronella Store! We've been making custom citronella candles for nearly 20 years and are now happy to be able to serve our customers online! We cater 3 main categories that we have found to be the most popular which you can browse below. With our 28 custom color shades, you can truly make your personal candle exactly as you want it. With long-lasting scents that helps keep those pesky Spring bugs and mosquitoes away in a decorative and natural manner. Make your outdoor setting a truly memorable one while entertaining friends or simply relaxing under the moonlit skies. We're here to make sure you get exactly what you want in a quick and affordable turn-around. Take your time, take a look around to see what suits your needs. no mosquitoes

Citronella Pillars

citronella pillar candles
Citronella Tapers

citronella taper candles
Citronella Votives

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