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Citronella Taper Candles - highest quality candle

Elegant 10 inch long-lasting candlesticks!

What makes our candle service unique is that we are the only online store to customize your color selection to match your event. We take special care with our citronella taper to make sure we can successful provide the perfect glow for your atmosphere while naturally and effortlessly repel bugs and mosquitoes at the same time. With a ten hour burn time per candle, you can make sure it will last for the entire duration of your evening event. This long-lasting illumination is what sets a good evening from a great evening! These are extremely popular & one of our best sellers throughout the season each year.

terracotta candle - citronella scent

1.0" x 10.0"
Aprox. Burn Time - 10+ hours

10 Pack - Premium SALE
Only $2.89 each   ( $28.90 )

Color Choice:

NOTE: There is a minimum of
10 candles per color selection
50 Pack - BULK Discount
Only $2.49 each   ( $124.50 )

Color Choice 1:

Color Choice 2:

NOTE: You have the option to
pick 25 of each color, or all same.

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