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Since 1998 - customizing citronella candles for you!

We started out as a fun hobby! And after nearly 14 years of making candles we have decided to make our services known on the internet! What better way to reach as many of our potential customers than re-branding ourselves on the world wide web! For so many years we have been successful through word of mouth and references, but after constant feedback of how many people just couldn't reach us we decided to make it quick, simple and accessible by anyone! Since our opening a in late 2011 we have seen great a tremendous success and we have already expanded our facilities to meet new demands.

WOW: We are truly blown away by this un-expected, yet welcome response.

Highest Quality Materials! Each and every candle we produce is made from the best quality wax and wicks. We only use un-diluted citronella oils to bring you a rich, long-lasting and effective citronella scent. Our paper and zinc cores ensure a perfect burn every time - even after several burns. Safety and effectiveness is our key priority.

Hand Poured! Unlike most other competitors or retail stores, our candles are never made on an assembly line. We actually put care and a personal touch with each candle as we hand pour and ensure the highest quality for each. We offer very competitive prices especially since we make each candle to order - but we believe it is this service that makes our customers happy ones.

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